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Selecting the Right Company for a New Garage Door Installation

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Your garage door is probably the most important, yet most under appreciated part of your home.  You keep your vehicles along with other valuables stored within the space it protects, as well as direct access to your home (often times).  Considering all these important factors surrounding your garage door, it just makes sense to ensure they are properly installed so they can work safely and effectively for years to come. Tucson's Garage Door Company - Discount Door Service

There are many people who enjoy DIY project at home, and installing a new garage door is something that some people may want to tackle on their own.  However, when you consider everything stated above, along with the fact that a garage door can weigh anywhere from a couple of hundred pounds to more than 500 pounds, it just doesn’t make sense to risk having something go wrong that could lead to damaging a car, other property, or even worse, hurting someone.

Professional Garage Door Installation

It is always recommended that you hire a professional to install a garage door, or to do any repairs on your garage door, especially if it involves the garage door springs.  When you consider the springs are responsible for moving those hundreds of pounds worth of door up and down, multiple times a day, day after day for years on end, you start to appreciate how strong they have to be and how much tension they are under.  If you don’t know what you’re doing when working with something like that, your best bet is to simply stay away and pay a few dollars to make sure it’s done safely and correctly.

When your choosing a new garage door, it’s worth shopping around a bit.  You’ll want to know what you’re looking for before asking for quotes. For example, are you looking for just a door, or do you want an automatic garage door opener along with it?  In this day and age, it’s unusual to NOT have a garage door opener, unless the door is going on something like a storage area.

And as far as garage door openers go, you also should consider what you want in that.  For example, do you want a chain drive opener or a belt drive? A belt drive will be considerably more quiet, but it will also cost a bit more.  Keep in mind that new chain drive motors really aren’t all that loud, so unless your garage is directly next to or over the master bedroom, you can probably be happy saving a few dollars by skipping the belt drive option.

However, on the more expensive belt drive openers, sometimes there are some other features that you may very well want to spend the money on, such as a battery back up.  Here in Tucson, especially during the summer monsoon season, it’s not unusual to have the power go out. With a battery back up in your garage door opener, you never have to be worried about being stuck outside (or within your garage), unable to get the door to open.  Just something to consider when making your purchase.

Company Reputation is Important

As for who you choose to install your new garage door and/or garage door opener, you have many choices.  Like any home expense that costs a fair amount of money and that you don’t do very often, it makes sense to get multiple quotes.  At Discount Door Service, we encourage you to shop around, but we would also like to suggest that you do so carefully.

What we mean is, when you get a quote, whether it be for a new door, a new opener, or even just a garage door repair, make sure you get a complete quote, including parts, labor, tax, service call… everything!  Unfortunately, we have heard too many stories of people being quoted a certain price on the phone only to have the final bill come out to something significantly different once all the “add on” costs are factored in.

Don’t be a victim of a “bait and switch” if you hear a very low price quoted on the phone.  Make sure you get the FULL price!

At Discount Door Service, we welcome price comparisons because we know we are always competitive in our pricing.  And our service in unmatched. Just check our reviews for yourself!

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